Photoplay: Get out in Black & White

[This is actually from Dec 12, 2010]

This post is in response to a challenge by Claire Burge of the High Calling Blog.

I did not follow the rules exactly, but sitting at the supper table tonight I thought about the challenge to find a person in a busy scene, isolate them, and capture them in their surroundings. Well, sitting in front of a bay window, with the snow falling furiously outside, I wondered what it was like looking in at my own world. What if I imagined I was the person I would isolate and show in my surroundings?

Life is quite peaceful at home these days with all our kids in college and grad school. I used to be quite comfortable hiding in the swirl of activity in our home with three busy kids. Now the silence can be a bit deafening. It is hard to describe, actually. Continue reading

Spindles and shadows

This is a familiar scene most mornings. Subdued light comes in through the window and refelcts golden hues of the table and chairs. Straight vertical spindles contrast with the wavy reflections of the spindles.

I love the way the light smooths out the wood. I love the inviting golden hues of oak and pine. It is a bit of sunshine brought indoors

This was in response to a blog entry posted by Kelly Sauer on the High Calling Focus blog.

Photoplay: The Ears of a Photo

During the holiday season, Claire Burge of High Calling Focus blog challenged readers to do the following:

“In the next week few days over this holiday season, I want us to practice listening with our cameras, giving ears to our images. If you care to share what you find, do share your links with us in the comments.”

Here is/was my entry:

I took this photo of an orchid the other day. I went to the Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens to see and photography their Christmas displays and decor. This orchid captivated me. It seemed as though there were arms reaching out and offering someone a beautiful gift. The “figure” appears to be earing a fancy hat, one worn by either royalty, wealth, or social status.

I often shoot photos from instinct, intuition, or just plain feeling. And I “unpack” my feelings about it later. Continue reading

Picturing God

This blog entry was written for a blog called High Calling Focus:

Ethereal Dock

Walking into the unknown

I am having devotions this morning and part of what I am doing is trying to pray, or connect, with God in a more authentic way. I’ll admit I am having quite a struggle. I go down my checklist of wants, needs, thanks, and apologies. And then I feel kind of lost.

It’s kind of like the checklist provided all the structure, and now there is an open place in the conversation with God to just chat and listen. But I can’t see who I am talking to, and my mind gets distracted. It’s like I leave the known path and my internal GPS is saying “recalculating…,” but no new direction “locks in.”

When I am on the phone with my wife or children, I can visualize them easily, even seeing their expressions based on their voices. But when I talk with God, well, it’s just not the same. Continue reading