Frozen motion

I feel very honored to have won the Grand Prize in the Ludington Area Center for the Arts online contest! The photo is called “Frozen motion.”

I shot this photo back in November of 2010 in downtown Lowell. I went downwhich processes area farmer’s grains into flour, there is a railroad spur and a parking lot. In that vacant lot there were some scattered puddles of ice and leaves blowing around. It is there that I came across several leaves frozen into the ice.

This image in particular was striking as it looks as if the wind itself has left its prints in the ice. It reminded me a bit of how a cartoonist would indicate an object is moving in the pane. The lines create the illusion of motion. That, of course, is the irony with this image. The ice indicates motion–but the leave is as stuck in place as it can be.

Here are some other shots I took that afternoon:

photocrati gallery

03/07/2011: My friends at the High Calling Focus blog jut published an interview with me entitled A Winning Photograph.

PhotoPlay: Chop It Off!

The moon was so big and bright tonight that I asked Judy if she could reach up and kiss it. And by golly, she did! What a woman!

I took this photo tonight in response to a PhotoPlay challenge from the High Calling Focus blog. The challenge was to create some mystery in a photo of a person by shooting the subject in some way other than directly head on. In this case it was a side shot and cropped in tight.

I shot a number of photos trying to place Judy in line perfectly with the moon, but I could not see her in the dark very well, and I could not get both her and the moon in focus. In post processing I combined two photos together for this final image.

Snow day

Irregular heartbeat

Today was a snow day, and the morning was wonderful and relaxing. By early afternoon, we were on our way to the ER.

Judy’s heart was beating fast, hard, and very irregular. She was short of breath, even though she was not doing anything strenuous. The Dr said to go to the ER now. Providentially our neighbor had come over with his tractor to clear our long 850 foot driveway an hour before we left. We never asked him to do this, he just showed up.

The Dr said she was having atrial fibrillation.They gave her some fast acting medicine to “shock” her heart back into rhythm. When that didn’t work, the got the electric shock pads, and asked me to wait in another room. They said this was a very common procedure, but serious none the less.  Just as they were about to start the treatment, Judy’s heart rhytyhm corrected itself. Continue reading