Pastor Mary’s mailbox

Pastor Mary's mailbox
Pastor Mary’s mailbox


Pastor Mary is the chaplain at the college where I work. Recently a little bird told me that I should check out Pastor Mary’s mailbox—and make sure to bring my camera. As I drove down her street looking for the correct address, I spotted her flowered covered mailbox from half a block away. There were morning glories growing up, over and around her mailbox to the point that I could only see the mailbox door.

One may suspect that Pastor Mary has quite the green thumb—but I have another theory. You see, as a chaplain, she provides pastoral care for the students, faculty and staff at the college. This is no small thing. Tending to and nurturing the faith of 3900 students is a huge task. She is a comforter when a student’s parent unexpectedly dies, a preacher and teacher to an age group that is struggling to “own” their faith, and a mentor to staff that works to meet the spiritual needs of a whole campus community.

How does one draw strength for such a responsibility? I am certain that it comes from daily communication with God. I imagine she must pray frequently and fervently. I am sure she gives thanks when she is given the right words at the right time. Chapel attendees can attest to the fact that she sings to God. No doubt she knocks at God’s door, ponders and pleads, pesters and questions…..shoot, maybe she even gets on the phone or emails Him too.

The point is that when communication with God is constant and continuous, the richness of relationship with God results in an abundance of life. Life that grows up, over and around us. Kind of like morning glories on a mailbox.

So you see, I am pretty sure that Pastor Mary’s mailbox is a metaphor for her correspondence with God. I think I’m going to take a walk down my driveway and check on what’s growing around my mailbox.