The cup, the crown, and the tree.

I tend to over-analyze Good Friday. All it takes is simple faith to accept the immensity of it all. Yet, it is puzzling to me why all the drama was necessary to begin with.

Cup, crown and a tree

Cup, crown and a tree

Two thousand years ago:  A beating and whipping. Hanging on a tree. A God that died. A killing to pay-in-full for sins the victim didn’t commit. Couldn’t God have forgiven all the sins of man-kind without the cross? I know that a sacrificial killing was customary in Bible times, but killing the Son of God? Really?

I know that sounds like blasphemy, but haven’t you ever wondered why the events of Good Friday and Easter had to happen?

And yet by faith, simple faith, I know deep down that not only was it necessary, but it was necessary that Jesus died for me personally. There is not a human way in which to compensate for a life time of sin. For me, for anyone. Only God can pay off a debt owed to God. 

Two thousand years later: A cup, a crown, and a tree. These items help me remember what a great price was paid on my behalf. They help me remember the events that led up to the cross, and the miracle of Resurrection shortly thereafter. I don’t need to understand it all now. That is where simple faith comes in.

One day in the future I will know fully how incredibly immense Good Friday and Easter really is. I will fully know how necessary it was. And when that “day of knowing” comes to be, I will be free of debt and ready to take my place in God’s eternal Easter.

NOTE: This photo was taken in the sanctuary of Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, MI. The large pillars with arms reaching upwards is an architectural symbol of a tree. I put that “tree: in the background to symbolize the tree upon which Christ was crucified. On Easter Sunday the black cloth is removed to symbolize the resurrection.