Watch your backgrounds

I took this image of a purple tulip at Meijer Gardens in April. I received a lot of feedback, so I thought I would point out what technique I used to create it.

First, I chose an interesting flower with few imperfections that was lighted well. That became the flower I focused on. Next, I chose a wide open aperature setting (5.0) to put the background out of focus so it would not compete with the sharpness of the central tulip. Next, I moved around such that most of the background had some of the colors of the other tulips, and took care so that very little of the background was not filled with the tulips. Finally, I worked to bring out the detail of the main subject in post process using NIKs Color Effects Pro software.

All in all, I think the image turned out quite well.

Tulip Negrita

Tulip Negrita


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