Artist statement for “wood, metal and paint” series

Rotting wood, rusty metal, and chipping paint are all signs of neglect and decay. Yet, taken out of their larger context and isolated by the lens, bold color, patterns and texture show a beauty that we often miss. Removal of other visual clutter gives voice to these objects. A rusty hinge barely hanging on holds stories of an old barn. A weathered door with many layers of paint has reminders of decades of occupants starting over with new dreams. Graffiti speaks of defiance and a yearning to be heard, yet gives life and color to a nameless old rail car.

I enjoy aiming the camera at common objects and capturing them in a uncommon way. The lens can isolate a subject and call attention to the things we so easily miss or dismiss.

To me there are parallels between this kind of photography and how we see each other as humans. We all have some shadow of the Fall on us; some sign of neglect or decay. Yet, everyone also has beauty, everyone has value and worth, and everyone has a story to tell. The lens of the camera, and the lens of our faith, can help us remove visual noise and clutter in order to more clearly see with our hearts.

You can see more of this type of photography in this gallery.

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