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Outdoor Photographer magazine

This has been my first choice photo magazine for the past 20 years. Since my genre of photography is nature photography, this resource has been helpful to gain ideas of what to shoot and how to shoot it. The broad (but consistent) variety of contributers add the technical, philosophical, creative, and inspirational angles to outdoor photography. Each volume also includes relevant digital editing tips and tutorials. The layout and quality of the magazine is more clean and classic.

Popular Photography magazine

I like the variety this photo magazine offers. While it tries to be all things to all people, it often will introduce me to things I have not tried before. (ie: toss your camera, night time photography, black & white images, infra-red, pet photography, etc…) It features professional work, but also includes amateur work and monthly contests and challenges. There magazine is a bit equipment-review heavy, and it is heavily populated with ads and journalistic hype (good and less-good).

Shutterbug magazine

Shutterbug magazine states it offers “tools, techniques, and creativity.” I think the creativity part is what I like best about this magazine. In particular I have benefited a lot from Joe Farace’s column on web profiles. Each month he reviews a number of photographers web sites that give you endless ideas for creative photography. Many of these web sites I have subscribed to via RSS feeds. It is also fun to see the monthly “picture this” photo assignments.

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