photography education

Digital Photography School A great website for a variety of topics. I like the “how-to” articles and tutorials on topics such as composition, color vs black and white, how to create watermarks in digital files, etc…  I subscribe to their newsletter.

On the DPS website is a great article on 10 Reasons why photography is a great hobby.  Check it out.

Friday Photo School Each Friday at 1PM EST there is an online seminar on lighting, posing, flash photography, etc… Some seminars cost $10 for the hour, some are free. Get on their mailing list to be notified about the seminars. I have downloaded some from their library for future reference.

Photo tuts+ Phototuts+ is a web site source of learning on all aspects of photography. There are tutorials on composition, equipment settings, post-processing, film photography, retouching and much more. If you love photography, you will find a treasure trove of useful advice at Phototuts+

Pixiq Pixiq is a website with contributions from many well know professional photographers. Topics include photography news, techniques, camera gear, and lots of how-to’s.

PhotoNaturalist is a web site offering tips and tutorials on digital nature photography. I like this site’s philosophy that more than being just a photographer, we need to be students of nature itself. I have been working to put this into practice by learning how to identify my subjects such as wildflowers, butterflies, trees, and birds.

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